Heartbreak… Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. Maybe you were dumped, diagnosed with a life threatening illness, suffered loss, financial downturn, or simply gave in to fear. It’s that moment when you feel completely numb, isolated and alone, desperate for something or someone to give you faith. My own heartbreak and battle with heart disease led me to create Voices To Share… Healing Hearts One Voice at a Time. Together we'll banish self-pity, and invite prosperity in all matters of the heart. As a Heart Coach, I will share: inspirational stories that will give you courage, tips to shift your fears into love, recipes and products to live a heart healthy life.


Share Your Voice

Maya Angelou wrote, "Words mean more than what is set down on paper.  It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning." 

After being diagnosed with heart disease, journal writing was my greatest outlet.  Then I started sharing my story through speaking engagements and through my book, Fragile and Fierce: The fLIGHT of my Heart.  I'd always been fearful of my own voice; scared that I wouldn't sound smart of that I would come across as self indulgent.  I thought, who cares about my story...

But the more I spoke with friends, the more I realized the importance of sharing our stories.  They're all important.  Many people quiet their voices and dim their light for fear of judgement.  Yet, every single day I meet someone who inspires me through sharing their voice - happy, sad, courageous, funny, adventurous, creative - they all matter.  Voices to Share...  Healing Hearts One Voice at a Time is your place to share a story with my readers and me.  Please email your stories to www.VoicesToShare.com.  I am grateful to those of you who share, and to those who read.  Together we can heal hearts one voice at a time.

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