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You are what you eat!

Photo taken from Dr. Akilah El's blog.

Take one quick look at this photo and what do you think?  It kind of looks like they're making salt water taffy or bubble gum, right?  Maybe pink play dough?  Seriously, what comes to mind when you look at this?

Did the thought of fast food chicken nuggets, processed frozen chicken meat and patties ever cross your mind?  Just when I thought ordering a grilled chicken patty for dinner last night at the airport to fend off my starvation was safe, I get a hold of this photo.  Talk about making my stomach churn!

Dr. Akilah El of the Celestial Healing Center posted this photo on his blog along with a brutally honest description of how they derive this meat.  The entire chicken, including the bones, eye, guts and more are put in a machine and voila...  The meat's almost ready.  First, since it's infested with bacteria the meat is soaked in ammonia.  Yep, that's right the things you use to disinfect your bathroom is used.  Lastly, the meat is infused with flavors and dyes so it looks and tastes like the real thing.

I did a little more research on this and snopes.com, MSM or mechanically prepared meat such as hot dogs, chicken nuggets and frozen dinners.  Even though the process is a little different from what's described above, it's very similar.

Fact of the matter is, before you're tempted to drive through those golden arches to quiet your growling stomach, remember this photo.  I know how tough it is when you're traveling, driving carpool or working all day to think about your diet, but you are what you eat.  Think about it, do you feel good after scarfing down that happy meal?  Just some food for thought.


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